Asset Disposal via Public Auction

Assets become surplus for a number of reasons within organisations, not necessarily because they no longer can be used. Selling your assets via auction offers them a new lease of life whilst supporting sustainability objectives.

Helping You Do Good

What immediately comes to mind when considering selling assets via auction is revenue returned. But actually, selling with NCM via auction offers so much more than just a quick financial uplift. 

Working with many large organisations, we recognise the importance of adding value to every partnership. Working with us as a way to dispose of your surplus assets compliments your sustainability objectives. 

We can help you to responsibly manage the social, environmental and economic impact of the asset disposal process by;

Offering a proven method of diverting waste from landfill whilst feeding a range of downstream supply chains

Helping to grow both local and global business communities

Supporting business start ups

Supporting community groups, social enterprises and charities

All whilst returning you revenue 


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