17 Mar 2022

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NCM Auctions catering auction buyer story

The Seller

The College of North West London had a large storage facility with many surplus assets they wanted to clear. Rather than pay large clearance fees, the facilities team contacted NCM Auctions to see if it was viable to run an auction, with the aim of raising funds for the surplus assets rather than paying clearance fees for them to be removed. The equipment and assets included engineering machinery, automotive equipment, catering equipment, vehicles and a range of furniture and media equipment.

The Buyer

Grasmere Farm regularly attend local markets, events, shows and fairs across the country providing customers with both cooked hot food and uncooked products, ready to buy and take home. Stuart from Grasmere Farm found our online auction at the College of North West London as he was looking to source a refrigerated display counter to use at their multiple shows and events.

Circular Economy of Assets

We help our clients and buyers activate the circular economy of equipment and assets. Our clients raise funds and negate clearance costs by selling equipment they no longer need, ensuring their reuse in a sustainably responsible manner. Our buyers get to purchase great quality used goods at brilliant prices.

NCM Auctions and Colleges

NCM Auctions has worked with over 100 colleges, universities and schools to sell their surplus assets and equipment where they were about to pay large clearance fees to have them taken away. The benefits of working with NCM Auctions rather than site clearance companies are clear:

> Reduced or negated clearance costs

> Funds are raised by selling surplus assets

> Assets get reused by local SMEs, start-ups, community groups and charities


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