17 May 2022

Factory Clearance

Factory clearance

Raise Funds by Selling your Surplus Equipment

We reduce or remove clearance costs for factory owners when they need to clear their buildings and storage facilities, in most cases we will normally produce a profit. We do this by selling equipment and machinery via commercial auctions, generating profit in the process and reducing the amount of items that need to be cleared.


Weetabix factory clearance project


Who have we worked with?

It's important for us to be able to display the engineering, manufacturing, production and storage facilities where we've worked on factory clearance and auction projects.


Factory equipment clearance clients

Avoiding Clearance Costs

It almost seems too obvious to sell equipment and machinery rather than paying to have it taken away, but we regularly speak with new clients that are in a stressful position and more often than not, don't have much time left before they need to exit the building whilst also lacking the labour or resource to manage the sales.

This is where having a one-stop-shop clearance and auction in-house team comes in handy. We manage the valuations, lotting, cataloguing, marketing, payments and collections on behalf of our clients and we can do all of this at short notice.


Factory clearance by NCM Auctions


Client Quote

"I want to take this opportunity to thank NCM Auctions for their support to Sheffield Forgemasters. I would happily recommend them to any future customers.

Emma is extremely passionate about her company and the service that they provide, the whole team are always happy to accommodate customer’s needs and they have demonstrated great flexibility when dealing with collection and transportation.

I had previously never considered using an online auction to dispose of surplus assets but found the service of NCM Auctions outstanding therefore I would not hesitate in using NCM Auctions again in the future."



Clearance by auction


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We manage hundreds of auctions and clearance projects each year, making our clients profit and reducing their clearance fees in the process. We manage the entire process and pay our clients the lions share of the proceeds once a clearance project is complete. Contact us to learn more.


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