It has to be said that neither I or other stadia management had ever considered using an asset management company to dispose of surplus assets before and were nothing short of astounded. The transparent pricing structure right to helping us identify items for the auction helped us through the process no end.

Equipment and assets had been taking up valuable room and depreciating in value for too long. Nathaniel Carter & McSkelly Auctioneers showed us a way of not only alleviating that drain but realising revenue in said assets. Dealing with two different clients across many areas and uplifting some tricky pieces of equipment was done without interrupting the daily business of a major stadium.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Nathaniel Carter & McSkelly Auctioneers and the team you work with it gives me great pleasure in recommending them to any future customer – Emma proved very quickly that she was not only passionate about her business but also mine.



The Ricoh Arena is a pioneering venue in the world of business, entertainment and sport. Home to both the Wasps Rugby Union Football Club and Coventry City Football Club, the award-winning venue has a mix of conference, training, banqueting, exhibition, hotel, music and sports facilities.


Prior to the start of the new football season, the management team at The Ricoh Arena wanted to free up space. Old catering equipment had been taking up much-needed room and depreciating in value for a long period of time.


To prevent any further depreciation, we helped Ricoh Arena dispose of their unwanted assets. This involved strong co-ordination between the arena management, Nathaniel Carter & McSkelly Auctioneers and potential buyers, preventing any disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.


The final result ended with The Ricoh Arena reclaiming much-needed space at their site whilst recovering revenue tied up in assets that were no longer used. The redundant assets sold far better than expected, generating even more capital for the business and has resulted in the client using our services on other projects.