NCM Auctions ability to identify the opportunities associated with the demolition of our Kingsway building enabled the College to generate unexpected income rather than an expense. The holistic service provided reduced College burden and ensured a smooth programme of events.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to others.


Robert Hutton, North Lindsey College


Established in 1953, North Lindsey College is located in the centre of Scunthorpe. The campus spans several buildings of varying sizes, used for a number of different purposes.


The college aims to be a leader in further education, prioritising the delivery of services within a modern environment. This means that from time-to-time buildings need to be repurposed and, in extreme cases, demolished.

North Lindsey College wanted help with the removal of all their unwanted assets and initially had planned to demolish the building with all unwanted assets still inside.


Knowing that old and even broken equipment can be sold we advised the college not to take this route, but instead, to allow NCM Auctions to facilitate an auction to help generate income from those assets that still hold value. 

The building was then fully cleared, with assets from the motor vehicle and engineering departments being removed for auction.


The final auction generated approximately £25,000. By advising the College to sell rather than scrap, we not only saved them money but actually generated funds that could then be reinvested in the development of their new building.