From the outset, the NCM team demonstrated their professionalism and commitment to our project. They were passionate, proactive and had an experienced team in place with the expertise to deliver a seamless Auction process from beginning to end. NCM were agile and creative, which allowed them to generate extensive interest for the auctions in a way that aligned with our brand and values. 



In May 2023, Maybourne engaged our services to manage the clearance of their storage warehouse near Heathrow International Airport. Our objective was to catalogue and clear their extensive collection of high-quality items, which spans over a century and includes works by renowned designers.

Our Objectives

  • Provide an entire clearance solution for Maybourne with a single point of contact
  • Dispose of saleable assets with the benefit of supporting downstream supply chains
  • Showcase a new sales channel for Maybourne
  • Achieve the highest sale price in the shortest timeframe possible.
  • Support local SMEs as a result of this sale.


NCM were appointed in May 2023 to clear precious warehouse space on behalf of Maybourne. We were able to identify over 3,000 saleable assets that could be placed in auction. The collection consisted of hand-painted ceramics, antique furniture, bespoke pieces etc. These pieces were from designers such as David Linley, David Collins, Diane Von Furstenburg and Pierre Paulin.

David Linley Lord Nelson Armchair

The David Linley Lord Nelson Armchair

Berkeley Blue Corner Sofa

Berkeley Blue Bar Corner Sofa Commissioned by David Collins

Pierre Paulin Swivel Chair

Little Tulip Artifort Swivel Chair Design by Pierre Paulin

It took a total of 420 working hours to photograph and catalogue these assets and made up over 15,000 images.


The marketing campaign ran across Facebook, Instagram, Email, Google Ads and auction advertising platforms. This led to international coverage with a reach of over 3,500,000 people spanning more than 80 countries. We saw buyers from the USA, Maldives, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Germany and France.


This auction achieved staggering results. Spanning 9 days and featuring 5 live auctions, the group significantly increased their returns, avoiding the alternative of using a landfill. Our crowning achievement, however, was our ability to re-home a significant portion of the assets in the catalogue. This ultimately resulted in the clearance of 15,000 square feet within Maybourne’s storage facility.


Alongside the financial benefits, it’s important to demonstrate the proven environmental gains and advantages to the local community and economy by reusing surplus assets. The result is a tangible set of outcomes that can be used to help validate corporate, social and environmental responsibilities. Over 200 tonnes of assets were diverted from landfills


The auction has enabled the re-purposing of surplus assets, benefiting growing companies, new business ventures, and communities and charities across the UK and internationally. We conducted sales with over 300 businesses and charities through these auctions. Overall, we reached more than 1,500 private collectors and bidders worldwide.