We successfully cleared much needed space in our warehouse and extended the life of our surplus kids' bikes. As a company that had never considered using auction services before, we were extremely pleased with both the process and the newfound avenue for future stock clearance.


Adam Biggs, Bike Club


NCM partnered with Bike Club to help clear space in their Rainham-based warehouse.

Bike Club had 300 surplus children's bikes from brands such as Frog and Forme, in a variety of sizes and colours. 

What we did

NCM delivered a complete end-to-end solution. To remove and auction the surplus assets, maximise revenue for Bike Club, while generating significant and demonstrable benefits for the environment and community.


Our online platforms allowed us to run 2 exclusive auctions which allowed us to maximise the sale rate. Using social media and email marketing, NCM was able to target over 250,000 people for this auction.

Once the auctions had finished, our team managed the entire collections process on-site over the course of 2 working days.


We were able to meet the timescales to clear the warehouse's surplus bikes. Targeting buyers for all the different asset categories maximised the value of Bike Club's assets.

Their circular approach diverted tonnes of items from landfill. It directly helped small businesses and individuals purchase bikes at affordable prices.