Early in 2019, I contacted NCM Auctions and a couple of other auction houses as we were looking to close our plumber's merchant business and retire.  From the outset they were very proactive unlike the others I contacted who acted like they couldn’t be bothered.

Lesley and Mark from NCM Auctions attended our site in Oxfordshire within 8 days of my initial phone call. Following their visit, I received a fully costed proposal for the sale of our assets which was duly signed as acceptable.

Photographing and lotting was carried out meticulously.  The guys and girls at NCM Auctions offices couldn’t have been more helpful where there were any queries from bidders from the auction start, right through to collection days.

NCM Auctions managed the whole process in an excellent manner and we were very happy with the outcome. On completion, payment was very punctual which sums up the whole way they do business i.e. Professionally and efficiently!


Bob Kingston, APR Whitney


APR Witney is a respected, long-running plumbing merchant. They had a large selection of new plumbing stock that they would need to dispose of following the retirement of the owner.


APR Witney was in great need of disposing of their leftover stock which included tools, shower fittings, showers, plumbing materials, sinks, toilet bowls, radiators and more. APR owner Bob Kingston was due to retire so was in need of NCM Auctions services to auction all of the assets that remained on the premises.


After our initial consultation and site survey, NCM Auctions were commissioned to look after the disposal of surplus assets via an online auction. Our team looked after a swift cataloguing process ready for the online auction before the site fully closed.

Knowing that this particular industry could be difficult to reach by regular means, NCM began using specialised marketing methods in order to reach the best bidder base for the auction, and help achieve the best results.

NCM Auctions pre-arranged collection days to allow all items to be removed from the site within only two days. With the help of our collection team, both days ran smoothly for both the buyers and seller.


The result on this occasion was that the whole site was clear and ready for closure within a week.