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Case Study: RM Machinery

Endorsements are a testament to the proficiency of a business and we want every business we work with to achieve success. Here is a detailed analysis of the work we carried out for one of our clients and how it helped their business.


RM Machinery, Darlington are buyers and sellers of plant and machinery.


RM Machinery had plant and machinery that was surplus to their requirements but still had plenty of life left in them. 


The NCM Auctions Team contacted RM Machinery to enquire as to whether they had any surplus or redundant machinery. RM Machinery engaged NCM Auctions to facilitate our sales and auction process to dispose of these excess assets fortnightly.


This resulted in NCM Auctions constantly auctioning surplus and redundant plant and machinery on behalf of RM Machinery for over a year and a half. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank NCM Auctions for the excellent, professional and hassle-free service. We have sold many items of plant, machinery and vehicles with NCM Auctions and have all ways been pleased with the results.

NCM Auctions come highly recommended.

Ryan | RM Machinery, Darlington

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