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Case Study: Meteor Communications

Endorsements are a testament to the proficiency of a business and we want every business we work with to achieve success. Here is a detailed analysis of the work we carried out for one of our clients and how it helped their business.


Meteor Communications have been successfully designing, building and installing environmental monitoring and control solutions for over 25 years. They had a surplus, redundant assets that they needed to dispose of.


Meteor Communications had three surplus ventilation systems that they no longer needed and engaged the help of NCM Auctions to free up some much-needed space.


Acting as a broker, we liaised with both the seller and buyer and arranged a suitable date for the dismantling of the ventilation systems, ensuring that the entire process ran smoothly.


The client was very impressed with NCM Auctions and delighted with our service.

Faced with the task of disposing of our redundant assets in a short timescale NCM Auctions provided a fast, professional and courteous service. Would not hesitate to use them again and to recommend to others.

Matt Dibbs | Meteor Communications

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