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Case Study: Hodsock Priory Estate

Endorsements are a testament to the proficiency of a business and we want every business we work with to achieve success. Here is a detailed analysis of the work we carried out for one of our clients and how it helped their business.


Hodsock Priory is a historic country house wedding and event venue set in 800 acres of countryside on the border of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.This luxury, award-winning, wedding and events venue has breath taking views of the surrounding country side, it's very own Tudor Gatehouse and acres of gardens, woodland and rolling fields.


Hodsock priory were needing to clear out their storage space and kitchens to consolidate their commercial catering equipment, and surplus furniture. They contacted us in order to carry out the disposal of these assets through auction.


Hodsock priory was able to photograph their own items and send them over to us with descriptions. This equipment and furniture was then marketed and placed on an auction to be sold on their behalf with there set reserves so they only got back what they wanted for the items.


Within 2 weeks of being contacted by hodsock priory we were able to sell and clear their items off site as well as return revenue to them which they used to buy new equipment.

‘Hassle-free, excellent customer service and made us much more in return than we expected. We finally got round to clearing out all the equipment and furniture in our stores that we hadn’t used for a year and NCM marketed and sold the whole lot online within two weeks of us calling them. We will definitely be using NCM again to help free up space and cash. It’s been liberating and wish we’d called them years ago.’

George Buchanan | Hodsock Priory Estate

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