Case Study: Doncaster Council

Endorsements are a testament to the proficiency of a business and we want every business we work with to achieve success. Here is a detailed analysis of the work we carried out for one of our clients and how it helped their business.


Doncaster council had multiple iconic sites that were being demolished to make way for new council buildings. Each building had an excess of surplus assets no longer needed by the council.


 By selling these assets at auction NCM were able to generate income for DMBC with limited time and resource on their behalf.


NCM took a holistic approach solution driven approach to the situation. Systematically dealing with the different sites simultaneously.  Organising and uplifting difficult assets within a tight deadline.


Many assets were no longer required by the council but still had plenty of value left in them. Many assets sold at auction went to new homes and were re-used and redeployed from Lands End to John O'Groats with many items finding new lives and uses in countries such as Africa and The former Eastern block. 

NCM were appointed a contract for Auctioneers Services from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in late 2013.

Initially contracted to dispose of surplus and redundant assets from 3 buildings prior to demolition.  A large and complex project in scale,  NCM strategically identified the opportunities associated with the demolition of these buildings and enabled DMBC to generate unexpected income rather than expense. Dealing with different sites simultaneously across many areas and uplifting some tricky pieces of equipment with a quick turnaround. The project encompassed a 11 storey building, Civic theatre and office block; and the objectives needed to be met within a strict deadline.  NCM took a holistic solution driven approach to the project, marketing over 2000 individual lots to buyers from across the UK and Europe, selling a vast range of items from large industrial generators, boiler rooms & equipment to more unusual items such as theatre seats, being sold to various theatre groups around the UK.

Since then NCM have gone on to sell surplus and redundant assets for various areas of the council, from fleet and machinery, to commercial catering equipment.  NCM have proved to be able to successfully execute both large scale commercial auctions and devise reverse supply chain solutions in professional and efficient manner.


Drew Oxley


Drew Oxley | Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

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