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Case Study: Barnet and Southgate College

Endorsements are a testament to the proficiency of a business and we want every business we work with to achieve success. Here is a detailed analysis of the work we carried out for one of our clients and how it helped their business.


Barnet and Southgate Colleges were based on multiple sites in the London, Barnet area. They were having a brand-new college building built and so had no need for the multiple sites stretched across the borough. Each building taught different subjects and so had multiple assets that were surplus to requirements. 


NCM Auctions took charge of selling assets from departments such as construction and building, plumbing, catering, music, hairdressing, and beauty. As some of the buildings were being demolished, we were also required to sell assets from the on-site cafes and restaurants that were closing.


NCM Auctions quickly and efficiently organised three auctions on behalf of the college over the two sites. Overseeing the collections and removals of multiple items, including enormous machinery staircases and ducting systems from the building and carpentry departments, commercial catering equipment from huge catering classrooms and sound booths from the music department.


NCM Auctions facilitated three auctions for the college, achieving a great result by generating over £41,000 income for the college!

The auction process was seamless, a side-line alongside what was happening at the college. The process was trouble-free and took care of itself. Lotting was handled particularly well as NCM Auctions just came in and got on with it. NCM Auctions gained a good rapport with the site guys. Speed and turnaround of the auction was rapid and fitted in alongside, helping Barnet and Southgate College a great deal. Great communication between NCM Auctions and the college felt fully informed stage by stage.

Ian Bartholomew | Barnet and Southgate College

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