Site clearance auctions provide a easy and convenient method of large-scale asset disposal

Site Clearance

Site closures are a necessary part of most businesses due to companies closing, moving to alternative premises or redeveloping existing sites. This usually involves closing a building and removing everything inside or demolishing the entire building with the contents still inside.

Although it may appear easer and quicker to demolish a site with all unwanted assets still inside, many assets - including parts of the structure - can be sold for cash. We make sure that every bit of revenue is extracted from a site prior to closure.

Clean and empty sites can be more attractive to purchasers - a better appearance and condition often results in a higher value.

NCM Auctions offer a complete site clearance and sale service, removing and selling all saleable and non-saleable items. We are specialists in clearing sites for Councils and Colleges and have successfully delivered on numerous large scale and tricky site closures.

We are ready to help on any site clearance projects - contact NCM Auctions today.

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