Public Sector Asset Disposal Solutions Expert

Our government auction experts help local councils free up cash tied up in government assets.

Public Sector Asset Disposal Solutions Expert

Businesses use sales and auctions to efficiently free cash tied up in redundant and unused assets. Councils and government bodies are no different. Whether you are replacing outdated or damaged assets or removing old assets to clear up space - there is money to be made from your assets.

Our unrivalled asset disposal service incorporates sales and auctions and we strive to ensure that you get the most from your redundant and used assets.

NCM Auctions are trusted - We have a strong track-record with long-term asset disposal for governments and have contracts with local councils all over the UK.

Our Government Auction services include:

  • Fleet Vehicle Auctions
  • Government Office Equipment Auctions
  • Government Clearance Auctions

Contact NCM Auctions today - We are always willing to help local councils and governments with their asset disposal.

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