22 Oct

What is Asset Management?

Every business has assets of some variety. From desks to filing cabinets, computers to printers, company cars to delivery vehicles and although these assets vary from business to business, they all have one thing in common - they will inevitably need to be replaced.

Whether it’s because a business is upgrading old IT equipment or replacing furniture that doesn’t fit in with an office refurbish, the problem of what to do with the old, obsolete assets remain.

Redundant Assets

It is often costly, both in time and money to dispose of redundant assets and a lot of businesses find some place to store them, letting them gather dust. These assets are often still worth money and can be sold, freeing up the cash tied up in them.

Another costly problem arises with old machinery which are often bulky and difficult to decommission, dismantle and remove.

A Simple Solution

Asset management is a good solution to all these problems. An asset management company will help to remove old assets either by selling them at auction on a business’ behalf, or by purchasing the assets outright.

By using an asset management company to dispose of redundant or obsolete assets, the cash tied up in them can be released, providing the business with a welcome cash-boost.

Asset management companies often have long-term disposal contracts with businesses, taking the worry away from what to do when the time comes to get rid, helping with managing the lifecycle of business assets.


NCM Auctions have a proven track record in asset management and we have long-term disposal contracts with businesses, colleges and local governments all over the UK. If you would like to know more about our asset management services, contact us today.

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