13 Nov

NCM introduces Auctioneering to the next generation

NCM are bringing auctioneering to the next generation of young minds. Emma McSkelly (Managing Director), Jodie Hide (Sales Team Leader) and Oliver Patching (Digital Marketing Apprentice) recently visited McAuley Catholic high School as part of the enterprise scheme run by Doncaster Chamber. They were set the task of making a 1 hour presentation that they would present five times to groups of 12 and 13 year olds. The team rose to the task to create a great presentation, to not only teach the kids about us, and what we auction, but to engage them in an auction that was set up especially for them. 

Emma kicked things off by telling the kids about her life and the difficulties as well has help, she has encountered along the way which lead her to setting up NCM auctions. Emma wished to convey that it does not matter about your circumstances, both at home and at school, anyone can be successful if they work hard enough.

Emma then proceeded to introduce Oliver and Jodie to tell the kids a little bit about NCM and their roles within it.

The activity begun by presenting 3 items to the children that they had to give a detailed description for and a winner would be chosen out of the descriptions. The kids gave some great descriptions of the three items and each winner was given bonus NCM currency to spend at auction.

The same items where then shown again and the children were asked to value the items to make reserves for the auction. There were again some great valuating and the winner ,who had the closest guess to the real value of the item, got given more bonus NCM currency.

The team then proceeded to the auction where the students were given a set amount of money to add to any bonus that they may have won. With this NCM currency they could bid on the three items they had previously described and valued. The auction was a great success and a lot of fun for both the team and the kids.

A big thank you to Doncaster Chamber for inviting the team and McAuley school for hosting such a great opportunity for students.

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