29 Oct 2020

NCM Auctions appointed to sell contents of Leeds East Airport

NCM Auctions has been appointed to sell the contents of Leeds East Airport via online auction.

Following successful discussions with our client, NCM Auctions were able to display the know-how required to maximise the revenue return of surplus airport assets on the desired client schedule, with work to be completed within 3 weeks. The auction starts on the 2nd November and will last for 14 days, featuring circa 30 lots, with collections taking place mid-November.

NCM Auctions are specialists at large-scale site clearance projects, removing the hassle and maximising the return of any saleable assets that would otherwise achieve low financial returns due to a lack of access to relevant buyers. We can work to tight timescales or with long lead ups for your building clearance requirements. You can take a more ethical and sustainable approach to site clearance projects whilst generating unbudgeted income and reducing clearance costs by speaking to our specialist team to sell your equipment.

More information can be found by visiting our Site Disposal Services Page, and our friendly team are always on hand to offer quick and helpful advice about how we fully manage your site clearance requirements.


Can NCM Auctions sell any kind of Airport equipment? Yes, but we work with our clients to maximise revenue returns by focusing on ‘hero’ lots that will achieve highest value, and then by creating collective lots for smaller items to achieve the best buying uptake.

What Airport equipment can NCM help my business sell? Everything from your plant and machinery to scanning machines and furniture, we will even sell building assets such as doors, lights and flooring. The most popular items tend to include kitchen equipment, lounge furniture, scanners and X-ray machines, reception desk contents and furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Can I speak with NCM Auctions before my building needs clearing? Absolutely! We always want to speak to businesses about their assets, whether it’s for a current requirement or for future projects. The longer we have to plan your auction, the greater our targeted marketing and buyer sourcing plan is, which means higher revenue returns for you.

Do NCM Auctions just sell Airport assets? No, the good news is we work with all kinds of businesses to sell their assets. From small scale projects to full site clearance requirements. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients including catering businesses, councils, colleges and schools, airports, marine companies, insolvency firms, stadiums, gyms and many more!

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How can you partner with NCM Auctions?

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How can you partner with NCM Auctions?

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