20 Jan

Further Success

The auction on behalf of Stone Construction Ltd. received an influx of interest from both the UK and internationally. International interests sparked in France, Ireland and even Lithuania! The auction included an array of small handling tools drawing in DIY enthusiasts and businesses alike. Stunning Thwaites Dumpers proved to be extremely popular, not to mention the Mitsubishi L200. The Corsa Vauxhall Vans were also fantastic attributes. Keep an eye out for vehicles and machinery in our up and coming auctions, as they are frequently prevalent!

The January Collective featured surplus assets from University of Leeds, retained clients and sole traders. We were delighted to achieve success in the sale of roller racking shelving that have proved difficult for the University of Leeds to shift. This has saved the institution on the cost of space. The area in which the shelving was being contained can now be used to its full potential. If your institution is wasting valuable space, time and money on surplus and redundant assets please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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